Bentley Flying Spur

The new Flying Spur is a unique fusion of breath-taking performance, contemporary design and intuitive technology. It delivers an enriching experience for both the driver and those who prefer to be driven.

With a graceful yet commanding form, intricate detailing and sharp design lines, the new Bentley Flying Spur has an assertive road presence. Inside, tactile materials and modern craftsmanship combine to create a stylish and tranquil environment.

The same sense of refinement flows into the car’s performance. Powerful and dynamic, the car automatically adapts to changing environments and driving conditions. Intelligent and intuitive My Bentley Connected Car technology has been seamlessly integrated throughout, allowing you to shape your own journey.

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Flying Spur Hybrid

The second Bentley hybrid to be launched, the Flying Spur Hybrid stands as a progressive statement of sustainable luxury design. Its streamlined profile balances elegance with aerodynamic efficiency, while a long, flowing roofline evokes a sense of effortless power. Look closer, however, and the details reveal even more. A ‘Hybrid’ front fender badge identifies the car – a clear reference to the powertrain beneath its gleaming bonnet – while its 20” wheels are designed to catch the eye, with imposing 21” and 22” options available for those who desire even more road presence.

With a 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged petrol engine and a powerful 100kW electric motor, the Flying Spur Hybrid offers effortless power on the open road alongside the ability to drive on electric power alone. Even without the petrol engine engaged, you can drive at motorway speeds.