Audi to introduce new model designations


With our current Audi vehicles, it's pretty easy to find out whether it's a petrol or a diesel vehicle; simply walk around to the rear of the vehicle to find the TDI (diesel) or TFSI (petrol) model badge. As you know, each Audi model will have a range of punchy engines available for you to choose from, but each engine size could also come with a range of power outputs. So, for example, an A7 with a 3.0 TDI engine could come with 218PS, 272PS or 320PS. 

In order to help create a clearly defined hierarchy amongst each model range, Audi has introduced a new system where power will be denoted by numbers, ranging from 25 up to 55. For example, '30' will represent 81 and 96kW (110 and 130PS) and '45' will represent 169 and 185 kW (230 and 252PS). 

Dr Dietmar Voggenreiter, Audi AG Board of Management Member explains, "As alternative drive technologies become increasingly relevant, engine displacement as a performance attribute is becoming less important to our customers. The clarity and logic of structuring the designations according to power output makes it possible to distinguish between the various performance levels."

This new model classification system will begin with the new generation Audi A8 this Autumn, before being rolled out across the rest of the range by Summer 2018. S, RS and R8 models will not be included and will instead keep their current, classic names.