Auto Express Awards 2017


The yearly Auto Express award winners have been revealed and we were pleased to hear that our brands picked up no less than nine of the coveted awards! (And it’s a fairly lengthy list, so we’ll let you check them out below!) In true ŠKODA style, the brand secured themselves the majority of these. We’re sure you’ll agree that the car market has never been stronger, so to take the top spot for these titles is something to be proud of. Let’s take a look at some of the winners, and why Auto Express chose them. Should you wish to take a look at our latest offers, please click here.

City Car of the Year – Volkswagen up!

Auto Express said: It’s fun to drive and surprisingly mature for a small car, too. The suspension smooths out all but the worst roads with remarkable composure, plus the compact chassis serves up good body control and a surprising level of grip, making the lightweight up! genuinely enjoyable to drive.

Supermini of the Year – SEAT Ibiza

Auto Express said: The all-new Ibiza is the first supermini from any VW Group brand to use the automotive giant’s full-on MQB underpinnings – and to great effect, because the car offers impressive ride quality and refinement, decent practicality, a choice of efficient engines and sharp styling. Scaling down the design that made the larger Leon so successful has worked in the Ibiza’s favour; SEAT has delivered a striking supermini statement.

Compact Family Car of the Year – Volkswagen Golf

Auto Express said: VW has left the styling largely unchanged, so you get the same elegantly proportioned and neatly detailed hatchback that effortlessly fits into any surroundings. It’s a similar story inside, where premium materials, solid build quality and a logical layout instantly make you feel right at home. A real highlight is the new eight-inch infotainment system, with its crisp graphics, intuitive menus and excellent smartphone connectivity.

Family Car of the Year – ŠKODA Superb

Auto Express said: At the heart of the Superb’s success story is its vast interior, which swallows everything a growing family can throw at it. Occupants in the back of the Skoda get the sort of legroom that is normally reserved for long-wheelbase limousines, while you could get lost in the hatchback’s cavernous 625-litre boot, such is its capacity.

Estate Car of the Year – ŠKODA Octavia Estate

Auto Express said: On the road, the Octavia impresses with its composure, staying surefooted over Britain’s pock-marked tarmac and offering strong levels of comfort on long journeys or a motorway cruise. The new infotainment is right up there in the class, too, with strong smartphone connectivity and a crisp screen that makes living with the car even easier.

Large SUV of the Year – ŠKODA Kodiaq

Auto Express said: The Skoda Kodiaq is one of the newest on the scene, and thanks to its impressive mix of ride and handling, refinement, usability and affordable prices, the Kodiaq takes the title of Best Large SUV… inside, the quality and ergonomics are on par with pricier models from prestige brands.

Coupe of the Year – Audi A5 Coupe

Auto Express said: The designers haven’t limited their efforts to the exterior, because just as much attention has been lavished on the A5’s cabin, which is one of the best in the business. Slickly styled and dripping in high-quality materials, it helps make every journey in the car something to savour.

Van of the Year – Volkswagen Crafter

Auto Express said: The Crafter is a pleasant place in which to spend time, but it’s a workhorse first and foremost, and it has all the storage solutions you could possibly need. There’s a big glovebox, a massive storage area under the passenger seats, spacious overhead bins and deep door pockets. And then, of course, there’s the load volume in the back.

Car Advertising Campaign of the Year – ŠKODA’s Driven by Something Different

Auto Express said: For the Kodiaq, the idea was to invite families to ‘reconnect’; to take time out to enjoy what really matters. Hence Sir Bradley was filmed in the SUV on the school run, walking dogs and out with friends. The punchline is that he worked all his life to achieve the best times on his bike, but the best times are really when he’s with his family and friends – a message that was cleverly put across in an attention-grabbing and heartfelt way.