Upgrade packs by Bentley


Make your Bentley undeniably yours 

Designed to enhance the drive, look and feel of your Bentley, our vehicle enhancement solutions allow you to personalise every detail to match your individual taste.

Reignite your senses and rediscover the open road with our Driving Upgrade Packs. Designed to further advance the feel behind the wheel, they empower you to experience new levels of road control and give your Bentley an unmistakable presence by announcing your imminent arrival.

Enhance the look of your Bentley with our Styling and Refurbishment Packs. See its curves and contours in a new light, with crafted details inside and out. Give your car a distinctive character like no other.

Step inside a new world of luxury with our Interior Refurbishment and Technology Packs. Ensure that everywhere you look, every surface you touch exudes the finest quality and individuality. This is your Bentley. Make it truly yours.

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