The ID BUZZ is now open for order


Summer has started to blossom, and we are BUZZ’in. Not with the sound of the bees but with Volkswagen’s ID BUZZ!

Volkswagen’s fully electric MPV is the perfect blend between maintaining its iconic heritage of the VW Camper, taking inspiration from the T1 Bulli and fulfilling today’s modern standards and advancements in technology and it's now open for order. With six- and seven-seater versions to follow, as well as an LCV model (ID BUZZ Cargo), Volkswagen have extensively thought about having a model that has multi-purpose engraved into its design.

The exterior of the ID BUZZ is sharp, sleek, and stylish. It comes with 18-inch alloys as standard, with the option to have 21-inch Aero wheels, seven colour options, with four of those being the well-renowned two-tone alternative which assists in maintaining that retro style. It’s also extremely difficult to ignore the uniqueness and practicality of the iQ Matrix LED Headlight system. Its futuristic interactive light control makes driving at night considerably safer and more comfortable which should put a lot of motorists at ease. It also includes no front overhang, reassuring the ease of access to the engine bay.

Moving onto the interior, Volkswagen have considered the valuable connection between the driver, passengers, and the vehicle itself, offering a bright eco-friendly feeling, with a modern input that creates a warm atmosphere for all inside. The dashboard offers a 5.3-inch integrated driver display, as well as a 10-inch infotainment system, with the option to upgrade to a larger 12-inch screen. The ID BUZZ also comes with the infamous ID Light technology integrated into the base of the windscreen, featured in both the ID3 and ID4. Visible in the driver’s peripheral vision, the ID Light is in conjunction with voice control and numerous alerts and communicates several types of notifications through colour, patterns and sound. These include navigation prompts, incoming calls and charging status. This coincides with a notable inclusion of ambient lighting and touch sensitive controls to make the cockpit and mood of the car feel very futuristic.

Finally, this new revelation in Volkswagen Electric Vehicle’s still holds more than enough power and assurance for the market and consumer needs. The ID BUZZ has been fitted with a 77kWh battery that has an eight year or 100,000 miles guarantee, which achieves around 250 miles of range and pushes out a noble 204hp driven by the rear wheels. Tipped to also be introduced is a smaller 52kWh battery that will be available in both the passenger and cargo models, sometime in 2024.

Would you like more information on the ID BUZZ, please speak to our team at Vindis Northampton Van Centre by contacting them on 01604 315858. Alternatively, click here.