Latest Audi models to communicate with traffic lights


Current technology in use in the USA signals an important leap forward in the move towards autonomous driving, (that’s driverless or self-driving cars) that we’ve heard a lot about throughout 2016.

Audi proudly arrives as the first brand to truly connect cars to the city with integration of traffic light information into the car. The idea behind this move is not only to save time for drivers but to improve the flow of traffic and reduce emissions in built up areas. A4 and Q7 models for the American market sold since June 2016 (and importantly have been equipped with Audi Connect) already successfully use this technology.

Pilot projects in Germany and Italy are underway however the technology may not be on the horizon just yet in Europe due to the vast amount of traffic data across the continent. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting move on the road to a fully connected driving experience.

The technology works simply by displaying the light information to the Audi Virtual Cockpit or head-up display, letting the driver know if they will reach the upcoming lights before they change. If not, the system counts down to the next green light, allowing drivers to prepare and save both time and fuel, and keep traffic moving at a more consistent pace.

Michael Zweck, the Audi Traffic Light Information project manager, said “In our tests, the number of cars that had to brake to a standstill in traffic fell by around 20 per cent. This saved time for the driver and also made fuel savings of about 15 per cent.”

We’ll keep you updated on this future Audi technology as we hear but in the meantime, should you have any questions about current Audi technology or models, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Vindis Audi centre below.

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