The most powerful Bentley to date


The purchase of a Bentley is a no compromise decision, offering as much comfort, refinement and luxury as it does exhilarating performance. And now that performance has been taken up a notch and into true supercar territory.

How does ‘world’s fastest and most powerful four seater car’ sound to you?

The new Bentley Continental Supersports is a difficult car to describe as it really does need to be driven to truly appreciate the performance and driving experience available to the lucky person sat in the driver’s seat. A phenomenal 700bhp comes from Bentley’s iconic W12 engine, an improvement that has come from the precise engineering developed by the Bentley Motorsport team and technology from the GT3-R. This vehicle is certainly not for those who prefer life in the slow lane as 0-60mph will take you just 3.4 seconds, all the way up to a top speed of 209mph. The brake discs on the Continental Supersports are the largest of their type currently available and offer optimal performance with minimal wear, even when pushed to their limit.

On the exterior the vehicle keeps its sleek Continental styling but comes with the addition of sporty carbon fibre accents, including a large rear spoiler to improve handling. The race-inspired design continues into the interior where chequered carbon-fibre completes the look. If choosing your two-tone interior on other models wasn’t hard enough, the Continental Supersports comes with an option of a three-colour split. If further personalisation is required, carbon fibre door mirrors and chequered side panels can be added, alongside Supersports decals. Opt for Supersports X specification and the vehicle takes on a whole new character, with unique two-tone paint options and a titanium exhaust for an enhanced engine note.

The Continental Supersports is a strictly limited edition model so if you are interested in more information regarding the Coupe, or its Convertible counterpart, please speak to a member of the team at Bentley Cambridge. Details can be found by clicking the link below.

Bentley Cambridge
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