Q4 etron Sportback unveiled


It's a Q, it's a Sportback, it's an e-tron: The all new Audi Q4 Sportback etron concept speaks every language.

Originally teased at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the Q4 e-tron concept was Audi’s first taste of a compact electric SUV. Last night, July 7, 2020 Audi presented their concept as a reality. Announcing that the Q4 e-tron is to join the current line-up of Audi e-tron and Audi e-tron Sportback in production in 2021.

The new Q4 with arrive with a choice of classic SUV design or a more elegant Coupé variant. With almost identical dimensions, drivers will need to decide which style suits them best. And for those that want to get more technical, the Sportback is one centimetre longer.

Engine & Power

In terms of engine, both variants will come with top-of-the-range drive technology. Two electric motors mobilize 225kW of system output. Teamed up on the road with quattro all-wheel drive, the Q4 concept will give drivers that classic driving Audi experience. Excellent traction also means that both versions of the Q4 will accelerate from 0 to 62mph in just 6.3 seconds and a restricted top speed of 111.8mph.

Between the axles is a large battery with an 82-kilowatt hours capacity. A range of over 279.6 miles – in line with the WLTP standard – sets the class benchmark. Versions with rear-wheel drive will offer a range of 310.7 miles in accordance with WLTP.

The new concept vehicle will also feature a structured closed surface within a broad, almost upright octagonal frame, instead of a traditional radiator grille. This is just one of the identifying design impacts that separates Audi electric vehicles from the non-electric varieties.  

Interior & Tech

Inside the cabin of the car, the Q4 e-tron and the Q4 e-tron Sportback with offer spaciousness and comfort – especially in terms of leg room for passengers in the front and the back. Colour schemes will emphasize the sense of spaciousness. Light will play a big impact in both variants, with warm colours dominating the upper sections of the cabin and contrast dark carpets on the floor. Sustainability will be key with the Q4 e-tron range, using many recycled materials to create the Audi cabin experience customers expect.

The Audi virtual cockpit display will show the most important elements including: Speed, navigation and of course, charge level. The large-format head-up display with an augmented reality function is a new feature. It will display important graphical information, such as direction arrows for turning, directly on the course of the road.


As with any Audi, a sport feel and precise handling are a must, for those times you just want to overtake or just take you car on a little drive. The Q4 e-tron will have most of the drive low and centralised within the car. This means than the centre of gravity is at a similar level to that of an Audi sedan with conventional drive system.

With orders expected to open later this year, please contact your local Vindis Audi Centre to register your interest.

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