Serene driving, futuristic technology: The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid


Bentley have revealed details of the world’s first luxury hybrid vehicle.

The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid offers a serene driving experience, coupled with futuristic technology thanks to their latest 3 litre, V6 petrol engine and advanced electric motor. Running on electric power alone the Bentayga Hybrid has a range of over 31 miles (NEDC), thanks to the E Motor also acting as a generator, and can be recharged at home in just 2.5 hours through the stunning Power Dock charger, designed by influential French designer Phillipe Starck.

Through its design, Bentley have aimed to create ‘an oasis of calm and tranquillity’ and inside the spacious cabin this couldn’t be truer. Effortless performance and refinement reminds you of the calibre of SUV you are driving and in electric only the Bentayga’s silent, emission-free driving will ensure a comfortable, relaxing journey.

Three E modes in the vehicle, EV drive, Hybrid Mode and Hold Mode provide maximum control for the driver and allow the ability to manage your battery levels throughout your journey. Cleverly incorporated technologies include a mode selection that works automatically when you input an address on the satellite navigation. This looks at the journey ahead and chooses which E mode to engage, depending on the location. For example, the Bentayga Hybrid could hold electric power for an upcoming section of city driving whilst engaging the V6 engine on a long stretch of motorway.

In the rear luggage compartment two bespoke bags will hold the charging cables for both public and personal charging points and store them neatly whilst not in use.

The Bentayga Hybrid ultimately is the beginning of a journey towards ‘a sustainable, electrified future’ and the brand will no doubt be hard at work to bring further hybrid, or fully electric vehicles, to the market in the not too distant future.

Although not currently open for order at the time of writing, we expect the order books to open from the second half of this year, so in order to be one of the first in this stunning, luxury vehicle make sure you leave your details with the team at Bentley Cambridge, who will keep you updated with the very latest news.

Bentley Cambridge