'Go Green' Price reduction of the e-golf available now!


If you’ve been looking to ‘go green’ with your next choice of car, Volkswagen offers a range of solutions to help you on your way to 100% electric driving. Following the recent reduction in price for the Volkswagen e-golf, we have updated our current offers so that you are able to see how much you can finance a new e-golf for from Vindis Volkswagen.

When you look to buy an e-golf the price will have been reduced by £2,765, to a recommended on-the-road price of £31,075. This means that you will be able to drive away an e-golf from as little as £27,575, after the £3,500 government grant that will be applied.

This significant reduction in price underlines Volkswagens ambition to become a known provider of electric vehicles.

The e-Golf has an impressive range of 144 miles (which is London to Brighton, and back in one charge!) and offers all of this in a quiet, smooth driving experience. Advances in charging technology mean the e-Golf can be charged at a rapid charger, where available, up to 80% in just 45 minutes.

The e-Golf offers incredible savings over its traditional fuelled counterpart, with one ‘fill up’ from empty costing around £5, based on home charging on a typical cost of 14p/KWh.

There’s also no need to worry about servicing your new e-Golf, as electric specialist servicing is available at all Volkswagen retailers.

Head over to our offers section on our website and you will find our latest finance examples on the Volkswagen e-Golf, designed to suit a range of budgets. Choose from our 0% APR offer, and receive £750 towards your deposit, (more information HERE) or alternatively opt for a slightly lower customer deposit on our 3.9% APR offer, and receive £2,000 towards your deposit, (more information HERE).

For more information on the Volkswagen e-golf you can contact us or visit your local Vindis Volkswagen retailer.