Audi Servicing

Because we care about you and your Audi

At Vindis Audi, we care about you and your Audi. You can visit us at one of our Audi dealerships and experience fantastic Audi servicing. Rest assured that we make it our mission to ensure you receive an outstanding service every time you visit us. 

To enable us to do this, we put every member of our Audi servicing team through extensive and ongoing Audi-accredited training. This ensures that we are always equipped with the latest knowledge and advanced technology to care for your Audi. 

Discover our competitive Audi service plans and affordable fixed pricing below and book your Audi service with Vindis today.


Vindis Pay

The alternative way to spread the cost of maintaining and accessorising your vehicle.

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Audi Health Check

Our Audi Technicians can perform a free safety inspection on your car. Each area will be given a rating of red, amber or green, indicating any actions needed and how urgent they are.

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Regularly servicing your Audi ensures it stays in great condition.

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Air Conditioning Service

This ultrasonic treatment disinfects any microbial, fungal and bacterial particles, so the air in your car is as pure as it should be.

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To help maintain your safety, Audi Trained Technicians can check the tread depth, pressure, appearance and condition of your tyre.

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Cam Belt Change

Cam belt replacement is a complex job, but by entrusting your car to us you can be confident that the work is being done by experienced Audi trained technicians.

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Brake Fluid

Your local Vindis Centre will be able to advise you on when your brake fluid should be checked and changed.

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Transmission Fluid

To make sure your gear changes remain seamless, your transmission fluid should be changed according to your service schedule; every 40,000 miles.

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