Maintenance and Care

Audi Health Check 

As the experts in Audi, we offer a complimentary Health Check whenever you come to us. It’s a quick safety inspection where we’ll look at key areas of your Audi, giving them each a rating of red, amber or green. That way, you’ll have a snapshot of your car’s health and how urgent any work is.

Item requires immediate attention. Your Audi Centre will advise accordingly, and you may be able to view online using our Audi Cam technology. 

Item may require replacement in the near future. Your Audi Centre will advise of a suitable follow up date and contact you at the appropriate time. 

Your Audi is performing at its best. Your Vindis Audi Centre will be able to give you more information about the free health check.

Audi Cam

When work is required we won’t just tell you, we’ll show you. It’s thanks to Audi Cam, which enables our Technicians to record a short video of any issue that’s worth bringing to your attention. They’ll then send it to you so you can authorise any work from your computer or mobile device. That way, you’re always in complete control.


AdBlue is a key ingredient in certain Audi diesel models system that helps reduce nitrogen oxide emissions – and, just like the oil in your engine, it must be kept at the right level. If you need it, you’ll have an AdBlue filler cap under your diesel filler flap (or in the boot on older models). Your Audi will warn you when you’re within 1,500 miles of needing to top up your AdBlue, and it’s vital that this is done – either by you or your Audi Centre – to ensure your engine keeps working as normal.

Navigation updates

The road network is constantly changing, so it’s important that your maps stay up to date. We recommend installing new maps once a year for quicker, safer and more economical journeys. Speak to your local Audi Centre to find out more.