Volkswagen Genuine Parts

Every Volkswagen Genuine Part is made and designed specifically for Volkswagens, and they help to improve the performance of your car and lower fuel consumption. All Volkswagen Genuine Parts come with a two year warranty (excluding wear and tear) and you can make a claim at home or abroad, with no upper claims limit. (Genuine batteries have a three year warranty). 

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Here is a selection of the Genuine Parts that we offer:

Genuine Air Filters

If you have a genuine air filter in your vehicle you benefit from a clean engine and it also ensures that the fuel mixture is always correct. We use a high quality pleated paper filter which has an optimal pore size, so even the smallest particles of sand, dust, dirt, soot, pollen and moisture are all trapped which stops them damaging your engine. 
All of our Air Filters are manufactured using low flammable materials so that they meet the standards of Volkswagen Group, DIN and ISO.

Genuine Cabin Filters

A cabin filter is designed to stop contaminants getting into the interior of your Volkswagen via the heating or ventilation. We have two different types of cabin filters to protect your Volkswagen during the service intervals. The dust and pollen filter stops dust, dirt, soot and pollen from entering your vehicle, and the pollution filter does all of the above as well as protecting against pollution gases, exhaust fumes and bad odours. 

A genuine air filter can also create low air flow resistance to minimise the load on your Volkswagen's blower motor which will reduce the amount of fuel that is consumed.

Genuine Oil Filters

The purpose of a genuine oil filter is to make sure that clean circulating oil enters your engine by efficiently removing soot, oil carbons and dust from the engine oil. They are extremely durable and are made from a fine grade high quality material giving your engine the best protection from contaminants. 
Having a genuine oil filter fitted to your Volkswagen will also increase the residual value of your Volkswagen.

Genuine Brake Discs & Pads

Braking is one of the most important processes and Volkswagen Genuine Brake Discs and Pads help to minimise stopping distances which enhances the safety of your vehicle. 

Our Genuine Brake Discs and Pads are also designed specifically for your Volkswagen and are tailored to its weight, engine output power and top speed for the best braking performance. 

There is an extensive 310,000 mile testing process with all of our Genuine Brake Discs and Pads, in all types of weather, to ensure that the discs and pads provide the best performance over their lifetime.

Genuine Exhaust Silencers

Every Genuine Exhaust Silencer is designed and built for the correct amount of back pressure. This in turn maximises your Volkwagen's engine performance and fuel economy. 

As with all of our Genuine Parts it is designed for your Volkswagen so it matches the characteristics of your engine and other components such as the catalytic convertor, all of which provides the optimum acoustic silencing properties. 

The materials used are of the highest quality which reduces the risk of other components failing, and stops exhaust fumes leaking and getting into the interior of your Volkswagen.

Genuine Cam Belt

The purpose of the cam belt is to connect the cam shaft to the crank shaft. When a cam belt fails the engine valves collide with others which can cause major damage to your engine. We therefore advise that your cam belt is changed at the recommended intervals. The cam belt comes with a two year warranty which covers home or abroad, and also covers any engine damage that is caused by the failing of the cam belt, with no upper claims limit.