Volkswagen Commercial Fuel & Air Cleanse

The fuel injection spray pattern is critical for the optimised combustion of the fuel/air mixture. Non-uniform spray patterns can hinder combustion, leading to increased emissions of smoke and unburned fuel. Whilst this is polluting for the environment, it also affects the performance of your vehicle and can reduce fuel efficiency.

During every day use deposits can build in pintle/nozzle fuel passages, affecting the injector timing and fuel flow, and causing disruption to the injection spray patterns.

Our Fuel Cleanse is specially formulated to help clean these deposits in petrol and diesel vehicles, including those with carburettors, giving you maximum performance and an improvement in fuel economy. We recommend booking a Fuel Cleanse as with every service to maintain the maximum performance of your vehicle.

Take advantage of our Air Con Cleanse, which has many benefits including the removal and prevention of unpleasant odours caused by the growth of mould, fungi, mildew and other contamination. The product contains a powerful antimicrobial agent and leaves a fresh fragrance throughout the vehicle, and we recommend booking a Air Con cleanse at regular intervals throughout the ownership of your vehicle as a preventative treatment.

This service comes with a 12-month guarantee meaning if you experience any issues associated with bacterial growth within 12 months of treatment, we will undertake the vehicle’s retreatment free of charge.

The Fuel and Air Cleanse is available for £39.99 and is not available in any retail stores.

For more information contact your local Vindis centre.