Vindis Upgrade

When you buy a new car from Vindis you’ll join our exclusive ‘Upgrade’ scheme.

This is unique to Vindis. What it means for you is that when the circumstances are right, you could enjoy an early upgrade from your existing car to a brand new one, but still carry on paying the same or similar monthly amount.

Upgrade Upsides

Vindis Upgrade is all about convenience and simplicity, your needs, your preferences... your way! As part of the scheme we will monitor your agreement enabling us to contact you at the opportune time for you to upgrade your vehicle.

What could this mean for you?

  • A new car
  • The latest model
  • The latest features
  • The latest technology
  • The latest safety equipment
  • Similar monthly payments

It’s all upsides when you upgrade!

No Downsides

There are no downsides, it really is about simplicity and convenience… Vindis Upgrade, probably the best way of purchasing your next vehicle! It’s time to upgrade to Vindis.